CBD Oil as a remedy for Menstruation and Menopausal discomforts?

CBD Oil as a remedy for Menstruation and Menopausal discomforts?

Unfortunately, menstrual discomforts such as cramps and abdominal pains are not uncommon. The cause is a hormonal imbalance, which manifests itself during menstruation and menopause. The use of CBD oil can provide relief from these common inconveniences. We are going to tell you how!


CBD oil and menstruation

During menstruation the progesterone hormone levels increase significantly, while our estrogen hormone levels decrease. Hormonal changes can lead to discomforts like pimples, moodswings, bloating and period cramps. Several scientific researches have shown that CBD oil can be of positive influence on these discomforts.


CBD oil and menopause

For most women, the first menopausal symptoms occur around the age of 45. These symptoms can be very present and can influence your daily life. If you suffer from complaints as a result of the menopause, we advise you to first discuss this with your doctor. In this article we will explain how CBD can positively affect your symptoms.


How CBD oil affects your hormones

In this paragraph, we're going to discuss how CBD oil affects your hormones. When physical or psychological symptoms occur during menstruation or menopause, these are related to the hormone balance. Although CBD does not directly influence hormone production, it does affect the body’s endocannabinoid system. This body system influences our hormone production.

CBD oil contains cannabidiol. The human endocannabinoid body system reacts to this substance. Our endocannabinoid system works to maintain balance in the body, this is called homeostasis. Anytime changes in your body occur, this system is activated to maintain homeostasis.

The moment you take in CBD oil, the cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system are activated. Because of the hormonal changes during menstruation or menopause, your endocannabinoid system stimulates the endocrine system to alter hormone production so that the body regains homeostasis. As a result, CBD oil helps our body through these processes to regain balance in our body.


Can CBD oil help with your period cramps and other symptoms?

Research and experiences have shown that CBD oil has an analgesic effect, this way it can be of positive influence on your period cramps. Some women taking CBD oil on a daily basis even experienced a milder period. Less blood loss, pain and even a decrease in the number of days. Just like ibuprofen or naproxen, CBD structurally reduces blood loss. CBD is a healthier alternative because it does not burden the stomach as much as these medications do.


How CBD oil helps with mood swings and insomnia

During menstruation or menopause you may experience mood swings. Another very positive effect of CBD oil is it stimulates the production of our happiness hormone: serotonin. As a result CBD oil can positively influence our mood swings.

Finally research has shown that CBD also stabilises the levels of melatonin, our sleep hormone. Thus, the intake of CBD oil also helps to promote a good night's sleep.



The daily use of CBD oil can have a positive influence on your hormones.  Due to the analgesic effect it can be of help with cramps. Some women even experienced a reduction of blood loss. Better night sleep and an improved overall mood, it sounds too good to be true! Are you willing to find out what CBD oil can do for you?

The information in this article is for information purposes only. It does not to offer medical advice regarding CBD use for hormonal issues. In case of medicine use we advise to always first consult your physician. This way you can ensure that the use of a CBD product is not interfering with any existing treatment.



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