Cannabidiol Reduces Anxiety & Sleeping Disorders

Scientific research shows: Using Cannabidiol* Reduces Anxiety & Sleeping Disorders *the active substance in cbd oil

Have you ever experienced anxiety? Or maybe sleeping problems like insomnia? These two complaints tend to go hand in hand. Sleep deteriorates due to anxiety, or the anxiety increases due to deteriorated sleep.

In this article we will discuss two case studies that have proven sleep improvement as well as a decrease in anxiety due to CBD oil.


Reduced Anxiety and Insomnia by using Cannabidiol on a ten-year-old girl
The little girl in the first case was suffering from anxiety and insomnia. This was due to PTSD which she had gained from a traumatic experience. She demonstrated anxiety, self-destructive behaviour and low self-esteem. Being very restless in her sleep and being unable to sleep were also part of her problems. Since she encountered unpleasant side effects from her regular medication, doctors decided to try CBD.

After some time the doctors noted a gradual increase in sleep quality and quantity. There was also a decrease in her anxiety. After five months of using CBD, the little girl was even sleeping in her own room. At school she also showed improved behaviour. The best part was that she did not experience any side effects while using the CBD.


Positive Effects of Cannabidiol on Anxiety and Sleep in Adults
The second study we're discussing researched the effects of CBD on anxiety and sleep. The study participants were adult patients with anxiety or sleep as a primary concern. As the first and second month of CBD treatment passed, the levels of anxiety decreased and sleep improved for most patients. These improvements were even sustained over time. To go more in detail: 78% of the anxiety patients and 56% of the sleep concerned patients reported improvement in the second month as compared to the prior month.

Although sleep improvements were more mild, a large decrease in anxiety was displayed among the patients. The rapid decrease in anxiety after starting the CBD treatment, remained decreased for the rest of the study duration. These results didn't come as a surprise, since the results are consistent with other studies on CBD.

The study concluded that CBD appeared to be better tolerated by the patients than their regular anxiety and sleep medications.


How can CBD oil have this big of an effect on anxiety and sleep detoreation?
The human body has two cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are located in the brain and modulate neurotransmitter release to prevent excessive neuronal activity. Due to CB1 receptors, neuronal activity is normalised, manifesting in the body calming down and decreasing anxiety. The cannabinoid in CBD has an effect on the CB1 receptors which calm the body down. This way, the use of CBD helps with reducing anxiety and likewise increasing the sleep quality.


We can conclude that CBD may hold beneficial effects for anxiety and sleeping disorders. When dealing with anxiety or sleeping disorders, we recommend consulting your physician prior to use. CBD oil may affect the effectiveness of other medications.


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