Sports and CBD: 4 reasons why you should try it

Sports and CBD: 4 reasons why you should try it

In this article we will discuss the positive effects of using CBD oil in combination with sports. Though research on CBD is limited, it does show promise in treating a number of conditions associated with athletic competition. Wondering in what way you can benefit from the use of CBD oil?


The 4 reasons why CBD and sports is a good combination

For a healthy lifestyle, it is always required to combine exercise with good nutrition, plenty of rest in between and enough vitamins to ensure body recovery. Both amateur and professional athletes can benefit from the use of CBD oil during exercise and in recovery. You can take CBD before, during and after exercise.

There are 4 reasons why we advocate the use of CBD oil during sports:

  1. CBD helps achieve your ‘flow’; focus and calmness during your workout, this way it helps you to perform better.
  2. CBD helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation; this is useful when engaging in intense workouts.
  3. CBD has a relaxing effect on muscle tissue. Ensuring faster muscle recovery CBD users have reported a big decrease in muscle aches and pains in just one hour after use.
  4. CBD supports recovery of your body after intense workouts; it has a positive influence on your sleep and relaxes your body, allowing your body to recover faster after every workout.


Professional athletes & CBD use: is it legal?
Until a few years ago, all substances from the cannabis plant were considered to be doping. However, in January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) decided to make an exception for CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD oil shouldn't cause a positive result on a THC drug test. In some cases there have been some people who tested positive after taking CBD. The risk increases if you buy a CBD product from an unreliable source, as lower quality products may contain some traces of THC. Therefore, it's really important that you only buy the highest quality CBD oil so that you can be sure that the oil does not contain traces of other cannabinoids.

As a professional athlete we do advise you to be careful with your CBD intake when having to take a THC drug test. You may even want to avoid taking CBD in that case.



CBD oil shows to have a positive effect on your sport performance and the body’s recovery after intense exercise. It is believed to relax the muscles, leading to less muscle soreness and pains and a faster recovery. Although not all effects have been scientifically proven, our experience confirms these positive effects of CBD oil. Since CBD oil can reduce the effectiveness of medicines, it is always advised to use in consultation with your physician. Finally, we recommend that you start with a low dosage and find out what positive effects CBD oil has in store for you.


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